A Premier Sports Program & Ukrainian Folk Music and Dance
All Find a Home at Tryzub

The exponential growth and success of Tryzub's sports program, not unlike the recent rejuvenation of its undefeated Majors Division team, the Ukrainian Nationals, are more than just a series of chance occurrences. They reflect a return by its younger leadership to a tradition of excellence, which is an established hallmark of the Ukrainian American Sport Center as a whole.

Tryzub's arms are working with as high a level of dedication, strength and cooperation as has ever existed at our club. The essence of a Tryzub sportsman, his and her spirit and love of family and country, are at the heart of the matter. We can, must and will, make Tryzub and its Ukrainian Nationals the pride and joy of not only the Ukrainian American community but also of the entire Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

The year 2002 saw the entry of Tryzub's 20th soccer team onto the field of play. A first class tournament -the Ukrainian Nationals Invitational - had its inaugural year and was a resounding success heard throughout the Delaware Valley and even in more distant regions such as Lancaster and the Lehigh Valley. No participant left without knowing what most of them expressed openly -that Tryzub had held the best tournament at the best facility anyone had ever visited. The dedication of the past has met the innovation of the future.

Later in the year, on Father's Day, Tryzub hosted the U.S. Amateur Soccer Association's Region I Open and Amateur Cup championships. Teams from as far away as New England and Virginia competed at our facility for the second year in a row. The Cup Commissioners in attendance were so enamored with our facility that we were promised the National championship by next year at the latest. And, there is something in the recent smiles and twinkling eyes of our Majors players that suggests that the Ukrainian Nationals as a team will be at center stage. Our tradition of accomplishment grows.

Meanwhile, the successes of our youth teams have been spectacular, not only on the field of play, but also from the standpoint of the lessons which sport teaches us. This is a testament to our club leaders, coaches, managers and players. The entire Tryzub family thanks you for your efforts.

Nor has Tryzub forgotten its heritage. We continue to protect and to promote the cherished values and treasures of our ancestral homeland, Ukraine. We do this by serving as a center not only for our sports programs, but also for the needs of the Ukrainian American community. The last two years have seen a measurable growth in the use of our hall and grounds for community functions, both charitable and private. We have featured and showcased Ukrainian folk and contemporary music, dance, arts, customs and traditions at our many festivals and picnics. Annually, in the latter part of August, we celebrate Ukraine's Independence with a huge festival which attracts no less than 2,000 visitors. We have enhanced our tournaments with similar celebrations and, this year, celebrated a Kozak festival in October, where our community featured traditional ethnic performances and attire. The color and pageantry is every bit as grand as the taste of our traditional foods.

We thank all of you for your hard work and dedication and encourage you to strive for excellence. This has been, and always will be, our club's motto.

Eugene Luciw