Winter 2012-2013 Season

The Tryzub Striltsi team also shot the indoor circuit. On November 10-11, in the extremely competitive 2012 US Eastern Regional FITA Championship held at Reading, PA, Buynevich (Senior) and Luciw (Master 50+) took seventh and fifth place, in their respective categories. Significantly, some of the best shooters from throughout the Eastern Seaboard had entered the competition. Oliver Buynevich won a bronze medal in the Recurve Male Bowman division.


On March 3, 2013, in the PA State Indoor Championship tournament, held in Walnutport, PA, in their said divisions, Ilya Buynevich failed to defend his 2012 indoor title, securing fourth place in his division. Luciw secured 3rd place in the over 50’s. Oliver Buynevich placed fifth. 



Later in March, Ilya Buynevich placed second (261/300) in the Pennsylvania Field & Target Archers’ Indoor Tournament and fourth (259/300) in Mid-Atlantic Sectional Championship in the Male Freestyle Limited Recurve/Longbow Division (National Field Archery Association rules).

Archery Golf

The Tryzub Striltsi also participated in a number of recreational 3D archery shoots and in an Archery Golf tournament sponsored by the PA Bow Hunters Association at the Linfield National Golf Course, in Limerick, PA. It was a truly interesting hybrid sport that, following basic golf rules and practices, allowed the archer to shoot across great lengths while still requiring them to use great precision to hit the final target located at each green.  

Winter League

Through the winter, the Tryzub Archers, Ilya Buynevich, Vlad Kozlovsky, Chris Lopez, and Eugene Luciw welcomed Charlie Sterling to the team and entered the Bucks County Fish and Game Society Indoor Archery League competition. Being the only Olympic target recurve archers in a field of compound bowmen, it was nearly impossible for the Striltsi to win with any consistency. They placed seventh in a field of 8 teams. Significantly, however, they beat the league winning team in 7 out of 9 games. These seven losses were that team’s only losses for the entire winter.