New Jersey Archery Association Earth Day Shoot:
Tryzub Archers Strike Gold Again

There are more photos of all of us. Enjoy
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Sunday, April 22; Union County Archery Range; Oak Ridge Park, NJ
The Tryzub archers stormed into the pouring rain that made the New Jersey Earth Day Target Archery tournament a uniquely challenging affair. Seemingly bolstered by the adversity, all six of the Tryzub archers fared very well. Ilya Buynevich took CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD in a very interesting competition that featured shooting from 90, 70, 50, 40 and 30 meters.

The rest of the Tryzub archers competed on the 20 meter range. O2 - “the oxygen boys”, Oliver and Oscar Buynevich, took first and second place (GOLD and SILVER) in the U-12 male recurve category with fabulous scores of 508 and 415. The Ukrainian Lyons, Frank and his daughter Colleen, roared into second place finishes in the male and female 20 meter recurve competition. They scored 617 and 539, respectively. Gene Luciw finished fourth, just outside of the medals, with an impressive 587 finish.

The competition was very arduous: the archers spent almost 6 hours in the cold rain. Unlike many of the other competitors, the Tryzub team seemed to gain energy and strength, even as others lost focus and enthusiasm in the weather. It was particularly gratifying to watch our youngsters persevere.

Luciw commented, “Perhaps the Tryzub emblem does carry some sort of magic.
Conversations during and after the competition always involved questions about who we are and from whence we came. We proudly responded that we are team Tryzub: Ukrainian Nationals. Our calling card was and will be the Tryzub. We humbly carry the Tryzub legacy into all of our competitions.”

Luciw added, “On behalf of the team, we wish to thank all of the Tryzub and Ukrainian Nationals Board members for their support. You helped us to get started; we promise to make you proud.”

For those of you seeing a report for the first time, here are some other accomplishments:
1.) Ilya Buynevich was crowned Pennsylvania State Indoor Champion last month.
2.) Oliver Buynevich took third place and his brother fourth in the Mid-Atlantic regional Indoor Finals for junior "bowmen" in February
3.) Ilya Buynevich took a bronze medal in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship.
4.) Our budding star, Chris Lopez, took fourth in the Mid-Atlantic championship for “cubs”
5.) Gene Luciw took Gold in the Mid-Atlantic championship for Male “Masters” over 50

All of the Tryzub archers have been competing in the recurve division. Compound and traditional archers are more than welcome to join us.


Gene Luciw: red and black soccer jersey.

Oscar and Oliver Buynevich: The twin boys in the blue and orange hats.

Frank Lyons: the fellow in the tan shirt in the fifth photo down in the left column;

Colleen Lyons is in the second photo from the bottom in the blue blue sweat shirt (Second archer from the right in that photo);

Ilya Buynevich, our coach and founder, is in the fifth photo from the bottom with the glasses and yellow hat.